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Company Background

Einstein International Education Services Pty Ltd is an Australian owned private company registered under ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) with a mission to provide educational services to the prospective onshore and offshore international students who want to make Australia as their choice of study destination. It aims to provide information and counselling to the prospective and genuine students who are stepping into their career path by the means of achieving appropriate education suiting their needs and interests. We are also established with an intention to create a bridge between the best education provider and the needy students. We are solely focused on recruiting international students primarily from Nepal to various Universities, Colleges and Institutions here in Australia. However our secondary target market is India, and we are also expanding our business in Philippines in near future to provide our services to the wide range of students. By considering the need and demand of our students we provide realistic and practical consultation.


Einstein Education was established as a sole proprietorship in the May of 2013 after which it has undergone many improvements and change. The most promising base of the company has been the improved reliance and trust that the customers have bestowed for the range of services that they have received and confidence on the quality of services that we provide. In the course of expanding the business as per the need of the services that began to be expected more as time progressed, and the popularity of the institution, Einstein Education became registered with ASIC and became a private company on May of 2014.

We work together with our Nepal office (www.einstein.com.np) which was established in 2001 that has been helping local students to study internationally in countries like Denmark, USA, Philippines, Australia and many other countries. We seek to blend the deep-seated experience into the improvement of quality of services that we strive to deliver.

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