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Students have various options on where they can stay when they arrive in Australia. Some students have their friends, families and relatives who will help them to manage their accomodation. In addition, the universities and colleges also have accommodation arrangements with the student accommodation providers.

However, if you are wondering on where you can stay there are various student accommodations that have affordable rent and wide range of facilities for international students. Most of the accommodations require you to only bring your own luggage.

1. The PAD student accommodation
2. Real Estate
3. Unilodge
4. Flatmates

In addition, there are different facebook pages of the nepalese associations in most of the state and cities, where the room available are advertised by the nepalese, so feel free to look on those facebook pages.

Please contact our office on +61 731950231 or viber if you are offshore student on 0416040950 if you require any help on the process of finding accommodation for you.

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