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Why Einstein ??

Comprehensive Counselling

Einstein Education provides comprehensive counselling to the students where students receive complete information in study options in various colleges/universities of Australia. This allows students to select the courses and the universities that fits their interests & needs.

Certified Counselors

The counselors in Einstein Education are QEAC certified. The qualified education agent gives the expert advice and guide the students in the right track to meet their education requirement and have a better career outcome.

Expert Guidance

Einstein Education always seeks to strive for finding out the best courses a particular student wishes to enroll in and considers it an important area of concern. Apart from guiding students to the right college/university, Einstein helps students in choosing their careers based on their qualification and academics.

Pre- and Post Departures Information

We provide all the information regarding the pre departure period and also help the students after they arrive in Australia by providing them information about transport,renting, part time jobs, emergency services, social networking and life and culture of Australia. For more information please contact our Brisbane Office and Kathmandu Office.

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